Patient Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

Downloadable Resources

patient brochure

The ZEMAIRA CareZ® Patient Brochure

The CareZ patient brochure provides an overview of all the CareZ program offerings to help you know what programs and services may work for you. Highlights include information on getting started on ZEMAIRA, ZEMAIRA affordability programs, and CareZ community connections through AlphaTracker and AlphaNet. Download the PDF .

savings brochure

ZEMAIRA Signature SavingsSM Brochure

The ZEMAIRA Signature SavingsSM brochure provides information about an annual renewable co-pay program that may save you money on your monthly co-pay for ZEMAIRA.* Highlights of other financial assistance programs are also included in this brochure. Download the PDF .

*Terms and conditions apply. Eligibility confirmed upon program enrollment.

icon CSL Behring Assurance

CSL Behring AssuranceSM Program Brochure

The CSL Behring Assurance program brochure provides information about how to earn points to apply toward free ZEMAIRA therapy in the event that you experience a lapse in your health insurance coverage.* Download the PDF .

*Terms and conditions apply. Eligibility confirmed upon program enrollment.

my steps brochure

My Steps for Healthy Living Brochure

The My Steps for Healthy Living brochure provides you with details about a self-paced walking program designed for all Alphas. Download the PDF .

family testing brochure

Family Testing Brochure

The Family Testing brochure provides information about Alpha-1 as a hereditary condition and the importance of testing for your family members. If you have been diagnosed as an Alpha-1 patient or a carrier, you can download the brochure and send to your family to help encourage them to get tested. Download the PDF .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a prior authorization, and should I be concerned that I won’t be able to start my ZEMAIRA therapy?

A prior authorization is a form that is submitted to your insurance company by your doctor’s office. This form provides information required by your insurance company to verify your ZEMAIRA prescription. In many cases, insurance companies will not cover (or pay for) treatment until the prior authorization form is received and verified by the insurance company. CSL Behring offers assistance to help patients receive therapy while waiting for verification of prior authorization for their treatment.

What is a co-pay?

A co-pay is a fee that you are required to pay out of your own pocket to cover a portion of your prescription cost that is not covered by your insurance. Co-pay assistance may be provided by the company that manufactures your medicine. In most cases, you are required to enroll in a co-pay program to verify eligibility. Co-pay assistance is only available to patients who are covered by private insurance. Patients who are covered by Medicare or Medicaid are not eligible to receive co-pay assistance.

Does ZEMAIRA provide a co-pay card?

No, but you don’t need a co-pay card to receive co-pay assistance for ZEMAIRA. To learn if you are eligible for ZEMAIRA co-pay assistance, call CareZ at 1-866-ZEMAIRA (1-866-936-2472) and speak with a CareZ Care Coordinator. If you are eligible, your Care Coordinator will explain how your co-pay plan will apply directly to your prescription without the need for a co-pay card.

What happens if my health insurance is canceled? Will I stop receiving my ZEMAIRA therapy?

If your insurance has been canceled, you should contact CareZ immediately by calling CareZ at 1-866-ZEMAIRA (1-866-936-2472). An experienced CareZ Care Coordinator can find a CareZ or CSL Behring assistance program to help you stay on therapy while you reestablish insurance coverage. A CareZ Care Coordinator can also help you reconnect with an appropriate insurance provider.

Connecting With Our CareZ Partners

The CareZ community includes a network of not-for-profit organizations and advocacy groups that may be able to provide additional Alpha-1 assistance.

icon Alphanet


CareZ works closely with AlphaNet to provide your patients ongoing monthly support from fellow Alphas.

icon Alpha-1 Foundation

The Alpha-1 Foundation

The Alpha-1 Foundation works to provide access to current medical information and resources for Alphas and their families. Through the National Education Conference and Alpha-1 National Education Day Series, the Alpha-1 community is encouraged to create a vibrant network through local support groups, research, awareness activities, and advocacy.

Alpha-1 Genetic Counseling Center

Free and confidential tests are available to determine if your patient’s blood relatives have Alpha-1, regardless of whether they are showing symptoms. Family members of Alpha-1 patients are encouraged to call the Alpha-1 Genetic Counseling Center at 1-800-785-3177 to learn more about the importance of testing for Alpha-1.

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