AATD: The diagnosis dilemma


>90% of patients living with AATD have not been properly diagnosed5

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81% of patients with AATD have COPD with self-reported symptoms of asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema, often in combination6

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43% of patients with AATD reported seeing at least 3 physicians before receiving a correct diagnosis7

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AATD contributes to progressive lung damage


Healthy lung vs
A1AT-deficient lung

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A1AT normally binds neutrophil elastase and prevents it from damaging healthy tissue.7

A1AT keeps neutrophil elastase levels in check, which protects the lung against alveolar wall destruction.8

A1AT deficiency results in uninhibited neutrophil elastase activity, an imbalance that can lead to lung damage, including emphysema.9

AATD may be more prevalent than you think

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Don't hesitate—start your patients on augmentation therapy today

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Early diagnosis of Alpha-1 can help patients:

  • Mitigate or avoid adverse psychological effects associated with delayed diagnosis12
  • Begin augmentation therapy, which may help to improve survival and/or reduce the rate of decline in lung function13,14
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Support and guidance for abnormal Alpha-1 test kit results

Along with the indication of abnormal results, you'll get information to help your patients take the next step from diagnosis to starting on augmentation therapy with confidence.

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Physician's guide to interpreting your patient's test results, with patient education talking points

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Learn about getting patients started on therapy

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family screening

The American Thoracic Society recommends family screening for first-degree relatives (parents, children, and siblings) of patients diagnosed with Alpha-1.13

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