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ZEMAIRA and ZEMAIRA CareZ® Illuminating possibilities for comprehensive care and support

For patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin (A1AT) deficiency and related emphysema

Easing the burden of Alpha-1 therapy Improved reconstitution with the Mix2Vial® Transfer Set ZEMAIRA offers convenience with our innovative Mix2Vial® Transfer Set by reducing the risk of spillage and helping prevent vacuum loss during reconstitution. For any questions related to reconstitution, please contact your healthcare professional.

Experienced CareZ Care Coordinators Comprehensive patient support from a single point of contact Assistance verifying coverage and financial support

Worried about the cost of treatment? Save with the ZEMAIRA® Signature SavingsSM renewable co-pay program Enroll in CareZ or call 1-866-ZEMAIRA (1-866-936-2472)

Speak with a CareZ Care Coordinator today CALL 1-866-ZEMAIRA (1-866-936-2472)

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