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At CSL Behring, Alphas are always our focus. Hear from some of our Alpha Motivators about living with Alpha-1 and their experiences with ZEMAIRA.

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Patricia: ZEMAIRA Patient

Now that Zemaira supply is restored, I've restarted Zemaira and no longer worry about disruptions to my therapy."

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Dee: ZEMAIRA Alpha Motivator

I chose ZEMAIRA because it was the best option for me. ZEMAIRA helps me manage my Alpha-1 and be in control of my disease."

rising to the challenge: richard's patient story

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Photographer and creative director Richard Lovrich has no time for boredom. Based in upstate New York, Lovrich is now Creative Director for 3 theaters and an independent newspaper and is an avid bike rider in his spare time. He's an often-traveling advocate for the lung disease Alpha-1.

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"How did you get Alpha-1?" is the most common question he receives about his illness. "Really, that’s it—even after I lead by explaining that Alpha-1 is a genetic disorder."

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"So much of an Alpha’s condition and experience depends on the Alpha, from seeking out and maintaining the appropriate course of medications, to diligent trigger avoidance, and of course, to breathing, and general fitness. Our diagnosis is very important, but it should help guide us, not define us. Alpha-1 is neither a life nor death sentence—it is a life challenge."

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In his constant effort to create something of worth, Lovrich hopes to help increase Alpha-1 awareness along the way.

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"Work hard," he says. "Reach out for a helping hand, and when things are at their very worst, think of how you might help someone else. Never lose the opportunity to do what you can, whenever you are able."

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