Physician Resources

CSL Behring provides a broad range of resources and materials to assist physicians in the treatment of Alpha-1.

Mix2Vial® Transfer Set Reconstitution At A Glance Brochure

The Mix2Vial Reconstitution Brochure provides step-by-step guidance on reconstitution for ZEMAIRA. Download the PDF .

Reconstituting ZEMAIRA using the Mix2Vial® Transfer Set

Watch the video which provides step-by-step guidance on reconstituting with the Mix2Vial.

Reconstitution Video

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Your ZEMAIRA Inside Sales Representative Team

In addition to the resources you find here, you can receive individualized product support from your ZEMAIRA Inside Sales Representative at any time that is convenient for you and your practice.

Via standard mail, digital communications, and phone calls, ZEMAIRA Inside Sales Representatives can provide your practice with tools and resources to assist you with starting and maintaining patients on ZEMAIRA, including:

  • Education on how to access financial programs and insurance navigation assistance offered through ZEMAIRA CareZ®
  • Access to resources for referrals through CareZ such as referral forms, sample forms, and our prior authorization checklist

Connect via phone

To speak directly with your ZEMAIRA Inside Sales Representative, call 1-855-ZEMAIRA (1-855-936-2472).

Connect via email

Contact your ZEMAIRA Inside Sales Representative via email at

Continuing education

The Alpha-1 Foundation offers a CME program to help educate healthcare professionals on the standards for the diagnosis and management of Alpha-1.

Helpful Alpha-1 partnerships

The CareZ community includes a network of not-for-profit organizations and advocacy groups that may be able to provide additional Alpha-1 assistance.

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CareZ works closely with AlphaNet to provide your patients ongoing monthly support from fellow Alphas.

icon Alpha-1 Foundation

The Alpha-1 Foundation

The Alpha-1 Foundation works closely with multiple agencies and the pharmaceutical industry to expedite the development of improved therapies. With the overriding goal of curing Alpha-1, the Alpha-1 Foundation has invested almost $47 million to support alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency research and programs at 94 institutions in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

Alpha-1 Genetic Counseling Center

Free tests are available to determine if your patient’s blood relatives have Alpha-1, regardless of whether they are showing symptoms. Family members of Alpha-1 patients are encouraged to call the Alpha-1 Genetic Counseling Center at 1-800-785-3177 to learn more about the importance of testing for Alpha-1.

The American Thoracic Society

The American Thoracic Society focuses on respiratory and critical care medicine, with a long-range goal of decreasing morbidity and mortality from respiratory disorders and life-threatening acute illnesses. The society helps to set the standards for prevention, treatment, and control of these serious diseases.

Medical information

For product information about ZEMAIRA, please contact CSL Behring Medical Information at:

Phone: 800-504-5434
Fax: 610-878-4550
Email: Contact Us

You may also send correspondence by mail to the following address:

Medical Information
North American Headquarters
CSL Behring
PO Box 61501
1020 First Avenue
King of Prussia, PA 19406 USA

Downloadable Resources

Prior Authorization Checklist thumbnail

Prior Authorization Checklist

This 1-sheet checklist helps identify and meet common prior authorization requirements for ZEMAIRA patients. Download the PDF .

dna1 testing brochure thumbnail

DNA1 Testing Brochure

This 6-page brochure presents a helpful overview for physicians of DNA1 Advanced Alpha-1 Screening™—the only test that provides comprehensive next-generation screening of Alpha-1 for confident diagnosis without the need for additional testing. In addition to instructions on test administration and sample handling, the brochure explains the 4 proven test methods that the DNA1 test covers: targeted genotyping, clinical chemistry, next-generation sequencing, and isoelectric focusing. Download the PDF .

family testing brochure thumbnail

Family Testing Brochure

This 5-page brochure helps physicians explain the genetic risk of Alpha-1 to patients and underscores the need for family testing. The brochure explains the common risk factors for Alpha-1, how the condition is inherited through genes, and the benefits of early detection. Download the PDF .

dna1 video thumbnail

DNA1 Video

Get an in-depth look at the science behind the DNA1 test with Chris Sanders, Founder and CEO of Biocerna, the company that developed DNA1 for CSL Behring. During this 8-minute film, Sanders discusses the rationale for creating the test and explains its unique, 4-faceted test methodology. Watch the video now.

CareZ video thumbnail

CareZ Video

The CareZ video provides a quick summary of the comprehensive programs and services offered to CareZ members. Watch the video now.

mix2vial brochure

Mix2Vial® Transfer Set Reconstitution At A Glance Brochure

The Mix2Vial® Reconstitution Brochure provides step-by-step guidance on reconstitution for ZEMAIRA. Download the PDF .

Mix2Vial video thumbnail

Reconstituting ZEMAIRA using the Mix2Vial® Transfer Set

Our Mix2Vial® Transfer Set can help ease the burden of Alpha-1 therapy. Watch the video, which provides step-by-step guidance on reconstituting ZEMAIRA. Watch the video now.

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