ZEMAIRA CareZ® Comprehensive Solutions and Support for a Lifetime of Alpha-1 Care and Community

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CareZ works for your patients and your practice

Your access partners

When it’s time to treat with ZEMAIRA, experienced CareZ Case Managers connect you with programs and services that may help your patients initiate therapy without delay and stay on therapy with minimal or no disruption.

A single point of contact to handle the administrative work

  • Benefit investigations
  • ZEMAIRA prescription referral form and prior authorization checklist
    • See the prior authorization checklist link below
  • Insurance coverage navigation for coverage challenges
  • Treatment initiation at a specialty pharmacy or infusion clinic

Affordability programs that provide individualized financial support*

  • ZEMAIRA® Signature SavingsSM
    • Renewable co-pay assistance up to $3,000 every year with no monthly cap limitations
  • CSL Behring AssuranceSM
    • Free therapy when a lapse in commercial insurance coverage occurs
  • CSL Behring Patient Assistance Program
    • For patients who are uninsured or underinsured
  • Foundation Assistance
    • Additional financial assistance

*Terms and conditions apply. Eligibility confirmed upon program enrollment.

Alpha-1 community partnerships that provide your patients with ongoing psychosocial support and education

  • Nonmedical peer-to-peer counseling with AlphaNet Coordinators
  • Alpha-1 disease education

Comprehensive support CareZ can offer your patients

Watch the video below to learn more about the comprehensive support CareZ can offer your patients

Patients can start ZEMAIRA therapy without delay.
Day 1

Once the referral form is received, CareZ will call your patient directly to introduce CareZ program services.

Day 2

CareZ will inform you and your patient of the results of the benefits investigation, and identify a specialty pharmacy or infusion clinic.

Day 3

CareZ will send your patient a welcome kit and connect them with an AlphaNet Coordinator.

When you complete the ZEMAIRA referral form, remember to:

  • Provide all patient demographics and insurance information. For prompt processing, please make sure all information is complete
  • Check the AlphaNet box to connect patients with other Alphas for education and support

Patients can stay on ZEMAIRA therapy without disruption

Experience more support when you and your patients need it most. Access solutions and support are available from CareZ from the beginning of treatment and throughout the treatment journey. Experienced Case Managers can assist with navigating access.

ZEMAIRA® Signature SavingsSM

12-month renewable co-pay assistance

CSL Behring Assurance

Free ZEMAIRA therapy in the event of a loss or lapse in commercial insurance coverage

All programs are subject to terms of eligibility. Terms and conditions apply. Eligibility confirmed upon program enrollment.

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Comprehensive access solutions and support

ZEMAIRA® Signature SavingsSM 12-month renewable co-pay program

Enroll your patient in CareZ or call 1-855-ZEMAIRA (1-855-936-2472).

Engage more access and support with help from the CareZ Case Managers

When you call and enroll your ZEMAIRA patient in CareZ, an experienced Case Manager will provide:

  • One-on-one assistance to you and your patient for product and patient support needs
  • Customizable access and affordability options based on results of benefits investigation and financial need
  • Information about Alpha-1 advocacy and patient support organizations such as the Alpha-1 Foundation and AlphaNet
  • Education and opportunities to learn more about healthy living as an Alpha
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