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DNA1 Advanced Alpha-1 Screening™: Find the 1-in-20 Alphas that other tests may miss15

Our DNA1 Advanced Alpha-1 Screening Test Kit offers targeted genotyping and next-generation gene sequencing without the need for additional testing.

Advanced testing Advanced testing – Targeted genotyping Advanced testing – Next-generation sequencing Advanced testing – Clinical chemistry Advanced testing – Isoelectric focusing (IEF)

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Targeted genotyping

  • DNA1 looks beyond the most common alleles to identify cases involving NULL or rare variants that might otherwise be missed

Next-generation sequencing of the SERPINA1 gene

  • There are over 120 known variants to the SERPINA1 gene16
  • Sequencing of all exons, splice sites, and the promoter region of the SERPINA1 gene help you identify all Alpha-1 patients and carriers
  • DNA1 provides full next-generation genetic sequencing of the SERPINA1 gene to identify known and previously undiscovered variants

Clinical chemistry

  • DNA1 is the only available test that screens for both A1AT protein levels and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels to give context to the A1AT results and help prevent false negatives*

*CRP, like A1AT, is an acute-phase protein, which means levels of it may be elevated with inflammation. This CRP test is not a high-sensitivity test; it is used as a measurement of inflammation.

Isoelectric focusing (IEF)

  • IEF phenotyping results serve as a confirmatory step for genotyping results, giving added confidence that results are accurate. With DNA1, there is typically no need to retest

Accurate and Convenient Testing and Results

The DNA1 Advanced Alpha-1 Screening Test Kit offers both accuracy and convenience when detecting Alpha-1, and there is no charge for the kit, lab processing, or lab results.

The AdvanceDx100 serum separator card simplifies test administration:

  • Only 1 blood spot (an average of 4 to 6 drops of blood) needed
  • 30-minute drying time
  • Accurate and confident diagnosis without the need for additional testing
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Administering the DNA1 Advanced Alpha-1 Screening Test

Watch a video of the blood collection process for the DNA1 Advanced Alpha-1 Screening test

Support and Guidance for Abnormal Test Results

Upon delivery of an abnormal test result, you will be provided with a copy of the patient’s results plus additional information and guidance to assist with helping your patients take the next step from diagnosis to appropriate therapy, including:

  • A physician's guide to assist you with interpreting your patient's test results, including talking points for patient education
  • A patient education brochure providing information about Alpha-1 diagnosis and what to expect next
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Genetic Counseling

Patients and family members are encouraged to call the Alpha-1 Genetic Counseling Center to learn more.

Call 1-800-785-3177.

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Is there an undiscovered Alpha in your practice? Discover DNA1 Advanced Alpha-1 Screening:

The only DNA1 test with next-generation sequencing that provides accurate results without the need to retest.

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Get an in-depth look at the science behind the DNA1 test

Chris Sanders, Founder and CEO of Biocerna, the company that developed DNA1 for CSL Behring, discusses the rationale for creating the test and explains its unique, 4-faceted test methodology.

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