My Steps Toward Wellness

Helping you live your best Alpha life

Living with Alpha-1 is a journey that requires you to take medicine and make healthy lifestyle choices. We understand that these requirements may be challenging for different reasons at different times along the journey.

The My Steps Toward Wellness program offers education, support, and other resources to help you stay in step with your wellness and lifestyle goals and live your best Alpha life.

  • My Steps for Healthy Living
  • MyID medical ID bracelet

My Steps for Healthy Living

For those diagnosed with Alpha-1, there are many health benefits to walking.

My Steps for Healthy Living is a self-paced walking program* that challenges you to increase your wellness by gradually increasing your daily steps.

Benefits of walking include:

My Steps Brochure
  • Strengthened muscles
  • Improved circulation and enhanced oxygen delivery
  • Increased stamina and decreased fatigue
  • Elevated mood and sense of well-being
Consult with your doctor to determine if a walking program is right for you.
My Steps Brochure

Getting started with My Steps for Healthy Living



  • Enroll today! Call 1-866-ZEMAIRA (1-866-936-2472) or complete the online enrollment
  • Expect your FREE pedometer and welcome kit in the mail
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Set your pedometer

  • Take your pedometer on a test walk
  • Set a daily steps goal. Your goal should be challenging but achievable
  • Plan to increase your goal by 10% each month


  • Walk every day!
  • Record your steps on the log sheet
  • At the end of each month, submit your report card
  • Receive a motivational reward


  • Feel better—physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • Be proud. You are taking steps in the right direction
  • Keep going

MyID medical ID bracelet

MyID medical ID bracelet provides immediate access to all of your important medical information in the event of an emergency. For example, if for any reason you need to show proof of diagnosis, you can forward initial lab results to your physician or specialty pharmacy whenever you need to.

You can wear your MyID bracelet at all times or when it’s most important to ensure you can be quickly identified as an Alpha-1 patient, such as when you’re traveling away from home.

Safe storage of personal information

With MyID, you are given a secure personal account that allows you to access and manage your medical information at any time.


Wellness recommendations from the Alpha-1 Foundation

Guidelines for managing lifestyle and wellness activities as recommended by the Alpha-1 Foundation.

Maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise*

  • Exercise regularly. Even light exercise can make a difference
  • Watch what you eat and maintain a balanced diet

*Be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning or making any changes to your exercise regimen.

Stop smoking. Use alcohol with caution

  • Quit smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke
  • Drink alcohol sparingly, if at all. Alcoholic beverages can damage the liver, even in people who do not have Alpha-1
  • ZZ patients and patients with any indication of liver damage should avoid alcohol completely

Be aware of your work and home environment

  • Avoid exposure to dust and fumes
  • Assess your home and work environments for environmental irritants, such as dust, flower and tree pollen, fumes, and other allergens

Monitor over-the-counter remedies

  • Carefully review labels of over-the-counter medications, vitamins, or herbal supplements
  • Avoid products containing acetaminophen or alcohol, both of which can injure the liver
For more tips for healthy Alpha-1 living, visit the Alpha-1 Foundation.
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