Walk for breath

Walk for Breath Celebration

Every step is a step forward for Alpha-1 patients

Once a year, step out with your Alphamates.

Walk for breath

Once a year, Alphas come together with their fellow “Alphamates” at the Alpha-1 Foundation Patient Meeting and the CSL Behring Walk for Breath Celebration. All Alphas, their families, caregivers, and friends are welcome to participate in an organized community walk symbolizing the “take-charge” spirit of Alphas taking positive steps toward a healthy Alpha lifestyle.

Walk for breath

Stay in step with your Alphamates all year long

Alpha-1 patients are encouraged to stay in step for the coming year’s Walk for Breath Celebration. The My Steps for Healthy Living program can help you stay in step with your fellow “Alphamates” from your own home and community.

Walk for Breath Celebration photos uploaded by CSL.

ZEMAIRA CareZ® helps you stay in step

Participating in My Steps Toward Wellness programs helps you get in step and stay in step throughout the year.

Ways you can connect with your Alphamates and stay in step:

  • All year long with My Steps for Healthy Living
  • Once a year at the Walk for Breath Celebration

My Steps for Healthy Living

A self-paced walking program that challenges you to increase your wellness by gradually increasing your daily steps.

Walk for Breath Celebration photo
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