Participating in ZEMAIRA CareZ® Explore, engage, and experience the community that CareZ

CareZ welcomes all people with Alpha-1 to join us in our commitment to a lifetime of care and community

CSL Behring, the maker of ZEMAIRA, understands that Alpha-1 patients have needs that go beyond treatment, which is why the CareZ program was created. CareZ is a unique community of people and services focused on providing you the assistance and support you need to live with Alpha-1 and start and maintain your ZEMAIRA therapy for a lifetime.


Explore more about your Alpha-1 journey

Ongoing Alpha-1 disease and lifestyle education that helps you make choices that may help improve your treatment journey.

  • Living with Alpha-1
  • My Steps for Healthy Living
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Engage more with other Alphas

CareZ and AlphaNet work together to help you connect with other Alphas who can share nonmedical advice about living with Alpha-1.

  • Ongoing peer-to-peer engagement with an AlphaNet Coordinator
  • Community building with the Alpha-1 Foundation
  • Understanding and emotional support that only other Alphas can provide
  • Walk for Breath Celebration


Experience more support when you need it most

Experienced CareZ Care Coordinators provide answers and solutions to your questions and challenges concerning ZEMAIRA treatment, insurance coverage, and other financial assistance, including:

ZEMAIRA® Signature SavingsSM*

12-month renewable co-pay assistance

ZEMAIRA QuickAccessSM*

Up to 4 weeks of trial product while insurance coverage and prior authorization are approved

CSL Behring AssuranceSM*

Free ZEMAIRA therapy in the event of a loss or lapse in commercial insurance coverage

*Terms and conditions apply. Eligibility confirmed upon program enrollment.

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Living with Alpha-1

Recently diagnosed with Alpha-1?

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with Alpha-1, you may want to connect with other Alphas who truly understand what you may be going through. Through AlphaNet, you can get one-on-one help from an AlphaNet Coordinator.

AlphaNet Coordinators are fellow Alphas who know firsthand what you may be experiencing and the questions you may have.

As you begin your journey, we encourage you to gain a thorough understanding of Alpha-1.

Living with an Alpha-1 diagnosis

Listen to an expert talk about living with an Alpha-1 diagnosis

Alpha-1: Year 1 and beyond

Already on the Alpha-1 journey?

You’ve been living with and treating your Alpha-1 for a year or more now, but it’s understandable that you continue to need support. Your needs as a newly diagnosed Alpha-1 patient may have changed now that you’re more familiar with your treatment. Wherever you may be on the Alpha-1 journey, CareZ will continue to offer the help you need when you need it most.

CareZ can help if you are:

  • Traveling and need to find a pharmacy or infusion center
  • Interested in connecting with other Alphas for the first time
  • Concerned about a disruption in your insurance coverage and want to stay on your ZEMAIRA therapy
  • Inspired to try a more active Alpha-1 lifestyle
  • Curious to learn more about Alpha-1 community events

Connect with CareZ and a lifetime of care and community

Enroll and learn more about patient support services for your Alpha-1 journey. Call 1-866-ZEMAIRA (1-866-936-2472).

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